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Tradition & Background

It has been passed down through the generations the belief that all of the Wendens descended from a group of Saxon tribes called Wends. These tribes descended on Britain in the 5th Century and were partly responsible for founding the counties of Wessex, Essex, Sussex & Middlesex.


In Latvia, until the early part of the 20th Century, the second largest city was called Wenden. It is now called Cesis and in 2006 they celebrated 800 years of history. The image in the top right is of a postage stamp issued in Wenden.


A village called Wenden was recorded in the doomsday book in Essex and during the 16th to 19th Centuries the Wenden family name was mainly restricted to Essex and East London. Several villages existed in Essex, two were combined to become Wendens Ambo and another was the now virtually non-existent Wendon Lofts.


As with all surnames, spellings became corrupted to Wendon, Wendel etc, (and still do!)

In the research the exception to the above is a large group of Wendons living around Cornwall which if they are related, the connection must be quite early.


Any Comments on this thought!!

That Wendon's in the West Country owe their surname to originally coming from the ancient Parish of Wendron.


The research information which has been gathered over a very long period is available for your personal reference and if you can add extra information to this 'one name study' please contact us on the link below.


Research into the Wenden & Wendon family name

The information contained in this site is the culmination of nearly 30 years collecting entries from the Central Record Office, (1837-1925), IGIís, census returns and other sources. In addition there has been considerable help from other fellow Wenden researchers.

We welcome any comments about the database regarding additions or discrepancies. You can contact me at the

e-mail address below.


NEW My own tree has been extended back several generations


My complete personal tree is available to view at http://kenwenden.tribalpages.com/

It requires a password, use 'wendensambo'


Full Birth & Marriage indexes now available, 1837-1925, see also links at top of page

NB. Some index references were difficult to decipher and are, therefore, my interpretation and should be checked.


A Major Wenden was found in Earls Colne, Essex in 1841. Earls Colne 1841 Census & other Earls Colne records


This link will take you to the Wenden database, (updated 5th March 2015).


We would like to thank the following for sharing their own personal research:

Mrs M. Watts

Mr G. Mann

Mrs P. Simms

Miss D. Wenden

Mr D. Carrington

Mr P. Wenden

Mr M. Edwards

Mr A. Wenden

Mrs S. Wagstaff

Mrs P. M. Baker

Mrs L. Bassett

Mrs B. Collins

Mrs S Cooke

Mrs M. Hammond

Mrs P. Potts

Mr R. Sawbridge

Mr B. Rolf

Mrs R. Lloyd

Mrs W. Rue (AUS)

Mr C. Wheeler

Mrs P. Wenden

Ms R. Wenden (USA)

Mr P. B. Wenden (NZ)

Mr G. Wenden

Mr D. Hawgood

Mrs M. Gray

Ken Wenden

5th March 2015


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